XForLife HLA-G Test

XForLife is a molecular test of the HLA-G gene which is involved in various pathological situations such as preeclampsia / gestosis and recurrent spontaneous abortions

Why is it useful to do XForLife HLA-G Test?

XForLife analyzes the HLA-G polymorphism (rs66554220, insertion / deletion of 14 bases), related to altered levels of protein expression, in order to prevent or reduce premature abortion with targeted therapeutic regimens.

XForLife HLA-G Test is performed on a peripheral blood sample, at the patient's home, using the tube present in the kit specifically provided.

Since the embryo genotype depends on both the father and the mother, to estimate the potential of the embryo to produce the HLA-G protein, the analysis of the rs66554220 polymorphism must be performed on both partners.

For the reporting of the Test there are 7 working days from when the biological sample arrives in the laboratory.

To book XForLife send an e-mail to customerservice@xbiogem.it

How it works


F.A.Q. XForLife HLA-G Test

To carry out the test, a suitable sample is required from which to obtain an adequate amount of DNA, necessary to carry out the investigation. In the event that the unsuitability of the sample occurs, the Laboratory will request a second sample. The technology used for carrying out the test is CE-IVD certified.

The test can give a positive result in the presence of the insertion of 14 bp or a negative result in the absence of the same. Gene alterations not included in the analyzed region are not detectable.

The sample, after carrying out the analysis and issuing the report, will be destroyed in accordance with current legislation.

The price of the Single Test is € 160. The cost of the Test for both partners is € 290. For a correct interpretation of the results it is advisable to consult a specialist doctor

It is possible to request reimbursement in the form of indirect compensation, however it is advisable to first check with your health insurance the reimbursement of the service.

It is possible to contact XBIOGem at +39 06 3015 8224 from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a. m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Friday from 8:30 a. m. to 2:00 p.m. .